It all began with a 15-year-old Janita Januškauskaitė - Plungė, who had just made a deal with her father and convinced her mother to get her first dog – a Silver poodle, which she named Kika. 


The Silver poodle inspired Janita to step into the world of pets and to delve into the peculiarities of dog care and breeding. While raising Kika she had learned the secrets of poodle grooming and at the young age of 16, Janita was already working as a dog groomer. Her talent was noticed by people who asked her to groom their dogs too. 


At the age of 18, Janita became the president of the poodle club, and at the age of 23 - the youngest international judge in the world. During Janita’s career, she looked at animals from different perspectives – an owner, a groomer, a breeder and a judge. The point of view from all perspectives, allowed her to see all the different deficiencies in pet care and nutrition products there are in the market. 


The great love for dogs turned into a hobby, and the hobby turned into a successful family business that has been developing since 1991. Symbolically named after the first dog, KIKA GROUP has grown to 130 retail stores, 3 factories, a world-renowned dog kennel with over 2000 champion titles, the only professional groomer academy and spa salon in Europe, exports to 60 countries, and partnerships with over 700 wholesale businesses. 


We believe, that the key to a happy and healthy pet is 80% balanced nutrition and 20% every day and veterinary care. That is why, when creating products we base our decisions on more than 35 years of experience, knowledge and insider viewings, which allow us to create unique, innovative and healthy products for pets from all over the world. We pay close attention to each ingredient, to its benefits on the health of the pet in the long run, to the effect it will have on the environment. We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and quality of the production.