What to do if your pet refuses to eat dry food?
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What to do if your pet refuses to eat dry food?

Owners of pets often face a problem - animals refuse to eat dry food which forms the basis of a healthy and balanced diet. It is not wise to skip it, since dry food is the best way to make sure your pet has a fully balanced and sufficient diet without which the health and well-being of the pet are put in danger. We are here to offer some tips on how to make dry food more tempting.

Why is dry food important? 

We keep saying that nutrition is the basis of a healthy pet's life, so it is important that it is balanced, wholesome, and corresponds to the proportions of the nutritional circle, which consists of 80% dry and about 10-12% canned feed, about 3-5% treats, and the rest, 1-3%, for supplements. It is important to remember that all products should be as natural as possible, filled with the highest quality animal protein sources (meat or fish), without harsh synthetic additives. Owners should always remember that treating animals with scraps from the table is not a good idea. Although pets usually eat them willingly, it is important to understand that human food is not intended for or suitable for our four-legged friends. When moving away from the nutritional circle pet owners face the risk of allergies and other health issues.  

One of the most noticeable signs that the pet is not being fed properly is watery eyes. This allergic reaction occurs due to improper nutrition and poor nutrient balance in the food. According to statistics, about 80% of dogs tear up, but this problem is more noticeable in white dogs. When it comes to white dogs, owners often ask what is the best dog food to help with watery eyes and tear stains. Our advice is grain-free, hypoallergenic dog food, which simply reduces the chance of allergies. For example - Nature's Protection Superior Care White Coat - super premium dog food specially designed for white dogs with an innovative formula that helps make the tears clear, so the coat turns brown less or not at all.

Moving on to cats, just like with dogs watery eyes can also indicate a poor diet or food intolerance, but it is less common. But cat food should also be carefully selected based on its composition and protein sources.

What to do if the pet refuses to eat dry food? 

If dry food does not tempt your pets, we recommend trying several things. First, you can try to simply soak the cat or dog food in warm water - it helps release the smell, soften the kibble, and enhance the flavor. However, if the pet is very picky, water may not help in this case and a lot of owners resort to adding wet, canned food to make the dry food seem more tempting. However, keep in mind that as you add wet food, you must decrease the dry food accordingly and remember that dry food often has more nutritional value than canned food. 



Supplement soup for pets 

A new and effective way to stimulate the dog's (or cat's) appetite is special supplement soups. This feed supplement, simply called just pet soup, is a novelty on the market, which not only improves edibility but is also made from the highest quality ingredients, so the pet receives additional nutrients valuable for its body along with the dry feed. 

 These soups are low in calories, so they are especially suitable for those who need weight control, but when using them, the amount of dry food should also be reduced accordingly. It is also important that the soups are gluten-free, so they are perfect for pets who have a sensitive digestive system and are intolerant or allergic to gluten.  

We offer Nature's Protection Superior Care Red Coat for brown-coated dogs, and Nature's Protection Superior Care White Dogs for white-coated dogs, and separately Nature's Protection Lifestyle for cats. They contain easily digestible proteins and are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which can help maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat, so it is also a healthy food supplement. The soup is extremely easy to use - it should simply be poured over dry feed. Soups are also very useful for recovering from illnesses when animals eat reluctantly and consume too little liquid. 



Exceptional benefits for cats 

There is also one extremely important benefit of this product for cats specifically: they naturally drink very little water, and if they receive an insufficient amount of fluids, struvite stones may begin to form in the bladder the first symptoms of which are urinating near the litter box or in other places around the house, urinating with blood. Also, water is especially important for those cats that only eat dry food, so to meet the need for fluids, Nature's Protection Lifestyle soup is a great choice. 

Soups for cats are divided by function, so owners can choose the product that offers a solution to their pet's most pressing problem: Nature's Protection Lifestyle Soup with Tuna can support urinary tract function, Nature's Protection Lifestyle Soup with Salmon can help with weight control, and Nature's Protection Lifestyle Poultry Soup can help ease digestion and prevent hairballs from forming in the cat's digestive system. 

When choosing what to feed your pet, the most important thing is to carefully read the labels: if you see on the label that the first ingredient in the list is not meat or fish, but grain-based ingredients, you should consider what benefits this feed or treats will bring to your pet and we suggest choose a different product.  

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