Malt paste, paste for sterilized cats promoting hair removal,

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Nature's Protection Anti-Hairball Malt Paste for Sterilised Cats is a specifically formulated complementary feed made with essential materials, such as Taurine and L-carnitine. It is designed for adult cats after sterilization to ensure the better health of your pet. Created for sterilized cats suff­ering from hairball formation in the intestine. The paste promotes the natural removal of hairballs from the stomach and digestive tract and can help ensure a healthy intestinal microflora. This complementary feed will not only support your cat’s digestive health and prevent hairballs but will also promote overall health and well-being.



  • Hairballs prevention
  • Smooth digestive system
  • Fat metabolism and weight control​
  • Removes clumps of hair from the body
  • Natural composition

Key Ingredients

  • Taurine: promotes smooth nutrient metabolism
  • L-Carnitine: maintain a healthy weight
  • Vitamin E: may reduce inflammation in the digestive tract
  • Burdock extract: can prevent urinary tract problems

Nature's Protection Anti-Hairball Malt Paste for Adult Sterilised Cats is a complementary feed that helps to support healthy digestion and promote hairball elimination for sterilized cats. This specially designed supplement is enriched with taurine that helps support healthy heart function, vision, and immune system health. Taurine can also aid in the digestion of fats, which reduces the amount of hair that accumulates in the digestive tract and helps prevent hairballs. It also contains L-carnitine, which helps to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the amount of hairballs, which is a common issue for cats. Vitamin E is also included in the composition to support immune system function and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract. Nature's Protection Anti-Hairball Malt Paste for Adult Sterilised Cats is an effective and convenient solution to help prevent hairballs, which can cause discomfort and digestive problems and also promote overall health and well-being for your sterilized cat. 

NATURE'S PROTECTION – high-quality pet feed supplements line is known for supporting a pet's overall health and vitality. The products contain carefully selected and innovative ingredients, and the newest technologies in healthy pet nutrition.


Composition: water, malt (from barley) 10 %, glycerol, hydrolysed animal proteins (poultry liver), yeast product (mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)) 1,5 %, disodium dihydrogen diphosphate, yeast, sodium chloride, maltodextrin.

Additives/1 kg: nutritional additives: vitamin E (3a700) – 1000 mg, L-carnitine L-tartrate (3a911) – 15000 mg, taurine (3a370) – 15000 mg. Technological additives: emulsifiers: lecithins (1c322i) – 40000 mg; stabilisers: xanthan gum (E415), guar gum (E412); binders: colloidal silica (E551b); antioxidants, preservatives. Sensory additives: colourants – 0,7 g; flavouring compounds: Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) leaves extract – 12000 mg, great burdock (Arctium lappa L.) extract – 6000 mg. 

Analytical constituents: crude protein – 5,03 %, crude fibre – 0,5 %, crude fat – 2,73 %, crude ash – 2,5 %, moisture – 72,4 %.

Hairballs removal from the body

The paste reduces the accumulation of hair in the digestive tract and promoting the natural removal of hairballs from the body.

Smooth digestive system

The blend of essential ingredients help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and promotes optimal digestion. This contributes to a healthy digestive system and overall wellbeing.

Weight control

It supports smooth nutrient metabolism and helps maintain a healthy weight in sterilised cats. This can be beneficial in preventing weight gain and promoting a healthy body condition.

Prevention against vomiting hairballs

Reduces the discomfort and potential digestive issues associated with hairball formation, providing relief to sterilised cats.

Malt extract as the main ingredient
Malt extract as the main ingredient
  • Can help improve nutrient absorption and prevent digestive discomfort for cats.​
  • As a natural lubricant, helping to prevent the formation of hairballs and aiding in their elimination by promoting smooth bowel movements.​
  • Malt extract is rich in carbohydrates, which serve as a valuable energy source for cats. It can help support their daily activities and overall vitality.​
  • Has a sweet and appealing taste that can enhance the palatability of cat feed supplements. It encourages cats to consume the supplement willingly, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients.
It is important to maintain the following functions at the different stages of life:
  • Adapted for different stages of pets life, depending on their age​.
  • Provide a range of benefits, depending on pets specific. needs, for example to help recover after illness, maintain optimal  weight after sterilisation, etc.
  • Maintain optimal health and performance overall​.
  • Provide essential nutrients that are lacking in pet‘s nutrition.
It is important to maintain the following functions at the different stages of life:
In order to achieve the best results it is essential to follow the protocol
In order to achieve the best results it is essential to follow the protocol

The formula of a healthy pet consists of 80% balanced nutrition and 20% skin and coat care which makes 100% of a perfect final result.

  • 80%

Balanced and healthy nutrition includes dry food, wet food, functional snacks, and supplements. By using such a diet, you will provide your pet with the highest quality protein sources and ingredients, essential vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants. Carefully selected and balanced product compositions will help prevent brown tear stains, and allergies and support the pet's most important vital functions.

  • 20%

Skin and coat care is an inseparable part of the formula for a healthy pet. Using natural and effective skin and coat care products can help keep your pet's skin and coat healthy. Our skin and coat care products do not contain aggressive or harmful ingredients, and the composition is enriched with magical and carefully selected ingredients. Product formulas are supplemented with natural and essential oils such as Ylang Ylang, Muru muru butter, nutmeg, rosewood, neroli, and effective ingredients - urea, keratin, wheat protein, and other effective ingredients of the highest quality.

Following the protocol correctly and using balanced nutrition and natural skin and coat care products will bring you long-lasting results and will make your pet happy and healthy!